We're back with and in this episode, we have a conversation with Olivia, who talks about how she was a sex resource for her friends while growing up, why she identifies as a lady, and her experiences with sex.

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In the second part of Sean's episode, we talk about his sexual identity, dating experience and sexual journey.  We wrap up the episode reflecting on Sean's time as the host of Sex Buffs.  We'll miss you Sean!

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This is a bit of a special episode in the sense that I am being interviewed.  My fellow Community Healthers Brianna, Rachel and Tina will be taking over the show and are interviewing me.  Through this part of the episode, we talk about gender, learning about sex, and porn!  

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Lily and I talk about her view on sexual relationships, unwanted sexual experiences and her experience working as a sexual assault counselor on her campus.  We also talk about gender identity and gender queer.

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Ty and I finish up our conversation talking about the gender spectrum, dating and sex as a trans man, and gender queer.  

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This is the first of a two part episode.  Ty and I talk about developing his identity as a transgender man and the process of transition surgery.

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In this episode, Bette and I talk about growing up in a conservative area, "the one awkward guy," her experience coming out, and defining sex.

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Nyla and I talk about having sex in a car [and a park once], a conference she recently went to for work, strip clubs, and conflict in abortion rights.  Enjoy!

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In this episode, Katrina and I talk about moving to Boulder from the South, social justice, early puberty and sexuality, as well as casual sex partners.  Enjoy!

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This time we talk to Jay about finding and exploring love in her own way.  We discuss gender stereotypes and relationships, her sexual development, and what people often expect a relationship to be.  Enjoy!

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